Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Use VLC media player as Video Cutter

The latest version of VLC media player lets you cut videos and use it as a video cutter. There has been a lot of several cool features added to the latest version of VLC. If you haven’t downloaded the latest version yet, then download it from here.

Install the latest VLC player.

Open player and under option “View” select “advanced controls”.

Now you can see some extra icons available in your control panel. First button from left is the “RECORD” button.

Open the video file from DVD or hard drive and just click the record button to start cutting the video. Press it again to stop recording.

After you finished cutting the video clip from vlc, you can find those clip in your “Documents” folder named as VLC Record with the date and time. By this you could save your favorite video clips from right inside vlc player itself. The recorded clip will be saved as an MP4 file.

Download VLC Media Player 1.0

Copy Files From Damaged/Corrupted Hard Disks, CD’s and DVD’s

Most of us use CD’s, DVD’s or hard disks to backup our important files. But these storage medium have the risk of getting damaged at any time. And when you try to copy data from those damaged CD/DVD’s or corrupted hard disks, you would definitely get a Windows Error or cyclic redundancy check error. Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier is freeware utility which helps you to copy data from a damaged disks.

Unstoppable Copier from Roadkil allows you to recover data from disks with physical damage or from disks with problems such as bad sectors, scratches or that just give errors when reading data. This Free software will recover every readable piece of a file and put the parts together. This also helps you to recover important files from damaged CD’s or DVD’s. Using this method most types of files can be made useable even if some parts were not recoverable in the end.

How to copy data from damaged Disks

1)Install the Unstoppable copier software.

2)Specify the source of the damaged disk and destination to copy and the program will copy the files ignoring the Windows Error message.

3)You can also pause and continue data recovery at your choice.

4)Option to choose from fastest copying speed or the best data recovery. [for the impatient one’s]

Download Unstoppable Copier

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Free Regedit Replacement Tool – RegAlyzer

The first thing that a virus does in an infected system is disabling the registry editor that is regedit.exe. However the same may be done by the system administrator for preventing some action by the users.

So if it is the same case with you then you can try a replacement tool for regedit that is use another tool that can provide you with the same functionality as with regedit.

The tool is called RegAlyzer and can be used in any scenario whether the regedit is disabled or not.
The tool does not require any installation and can be executed like an application. Isn’t the tool cool?

Download RegAlyzer

70+ Best Freewares in One Single Smart Installer Pack for Windows

Many times we are forced to format your PC because of an Autorun virus attack etc. Generally there are must have softwares or rather freewares which we use needs to be reinstalled after the format. Its painstaking to install around 20+ applications one by one. So here is a solution "A software to install other softwares" :)

What Smart Installer Pack actually does is download install a handful of software* at your convenience usually installed on new computers, reinstalled operating systems, etc.

Get more than 70 Freeware in One Single Smart Installer Pack

This Package Installer was made just to eliminate all the searching around for nothing, waiting (which can take up a lot of time) and only then installing.

Download Smart Installer Pack : Link (230 MB)

Get a free Domian and Hosting

Well we do came across many free deals and this one its the latest addition to the saga.

This time Hostgator is offering free domain registration and 1 months free hosting against their coupon code.


So if you are a blogger planning to move to a custom domian than this is the opportunity so grab it before it dies.

The only glitch is that you require Credit Cards or Paypal account for verification.

The process is simple visit here and choose your domain name move ahead and when prompt for package choose Baby package, and use the houston code and your done.

Here is a step by step guide that will remove all your doubts first follow this link and hit the big sign up button in middle of web page.

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2 Free Image Batch Converters

There are times when you have images in some other formats and sizes that you wish to convert into some other format and size. Most people tend to convert the images using Paint and that too one by one thus wasting their time and effort.

This is acceptable if you have few images but what if your images are hundreds in number? Don’t worry the solution is to use a tool that supports Batch Conversion of images and that too in seconds.

List of free and good tools that I personally like:

This is a good tool if you wish to reduce the size of the image but converting it into the jpg format. Just run the tool and press B to execute Batch Conversion and select all theimages. It will convert the images in one go and will save your efort and time.

Advanced Batch Converter DOWNLOAD

Advanced Batch Converter can take virtually any number of images in any format (over 150 file formats supported) and convert them within seconds to any of the 40+ most popular formats.

Advanced Batch Converter can also resize, rotate, flip, mirror, crop individual or bulk images within seconds. You can also apply various filters, watermarks, morphing effects and enhance colors.

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