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How to Download any Video from the Internet

There are many videos on the Intenet. Some are protected and other videos don’t provide you with any download link. It screams for a need of a hack, to download videos from any site.
It’s one of the easiest hack on the web. You can make it more simple if you are have a Firefox browser installed on your PC. If you don’t have Firefox,, Download one from Here. It’s the world’s most used web browser.

Download Videos From any websites
Now you have Firefox installed on your PC. Now open the browser and download the NetvideoHunter add-on to your browser. You can download it from Here. With this add-on, you can easily download videos and music from almost any video-sharing site.
For example from: Youtube, MySpace Music, Google Video, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Break, Putfile, etc…
Before download ,you can preview videos and music in a built-in media player. It has fullscreen and video smoothing capabilities, so you can enjoy videos in fullscreen with better quality even if the website’s own player don’t have this features.
Now every videos you see is just a click away from here.You can download any videos just with a click on your browser. Why you are waiting – Install this add-on and Be The KING !!!

The Best Free Softwares - Top 25 Must Use Freewares

Many good softwares are either too costly or simply unaffordable, but that does not mean every good software out there requires you to shell out absurd amounts of money. There are 100s and 1000s of softwares that are completely free and perform as good as if not better than their paid counterparts.

In this post we will look at more than 35 amazing softwares that can be used for different purposes and are absolutely free to use. These softwares provide you solutions that make your computing life much better without costing you a penny.

One of the best alternatives available for Microsoft Office Suite, has not only received several awards and accolades, it is one of the best alternatives to managing your document, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

With Open Office you can do everything you can with Microsoft Office and with the software being open source you can expect 100s and 1000s of cool software engineers contributing to make it better.




Google Docs

Maintaining several email accounts in a single place has always been a forte associated with Microsoft Outlook. Thunderbird on the other hand is a alternative which is as good as Outlook if not better, providing you with the many of the same features to manage multiple email accounts at no cost at all.

Thunderbird lets you manage your POP and IMAP accounts with ease. Thunderbird also allows you to extend the basic functionality by allowing you to add useful add-ons and extensions making it just too good to resist.

Download Thunderbird



A good software is always conceptualized by defining the exact way in which it should work with process diagrams and flowcharts. If you have been paying out of your pocket for Microsoft Visio it is high time you switched to Dia a open source software that allows you to create structured diagrams and flowcharts for free.

Download Dia for Windows


Though not one of the most talked about product, Sunbird definitely is a great alternative to managing your appointments and events without having to use Microsoft Outlook.

And if you would frown about having to use two different applications to manage emails and calendars you should definitely try out Lightning that combines Thunderbird with Sunbird to create a great productivity application.

Download and learn more about Sunbird



Remote file management is always a challenge and though there are several softwares out there our preferred one is WinSCP, a incredible and versatile software that makes file management quite a breeze.

WinSCP is not only allows you to transfer files but they do it by providing you a way to securely do them, using the SFTP protocol instead of the regular FTP protocol.

Download WinSCP





If you are looking to download files using torrents, look no farther than uTorrent, one of the best softwares to manage torrents. Not only is it lightweight it also can be managed using the browser by accessing the uTorrent site and the best part is it runs out of the box without requiring any installations.

Download uTorrent


Free Download Manager

Managing your downloads with browsers have never been that easy and download managers definitely allow you to download files in a much better way. Free Download Manager allows you to download files from multiple sources, accelerating your download process, along with allowing you to pause and resume them.

Free Download Manager makes your download management much better and also comes with inbuilt support to download torrent files.

Download Free Download Manager



Ever wanted to manage Linux servers from your Windows machine using shell. Putty is one of the best way to access shell environment. As far as we know there is not competition to Putty.

If you have been using Putty, don’t forget to check out how you can manage your putty sessions in a database and work in a tabbed interface or minimize it to a tray so that you are not overwhelmed with the number of open windows.

Download Putty



Your PC accumulates several temporary files and traces that are not useful to you. These temporary files and traces slows down the PC along with taking up unwanted disk space.

CCleaner is a cleaning robot for your computer, which is smart enough to know which places to look for unwanted files and traces. CCleaner can also cleanup several applications along cleaning temporary and unwanted files created by Windows.

Download CCleaner



Your PC is not the smartest thing in the world and it has a tendency to spread fragments of files all over the place. Defraggler allows you to sort out the mess and make your PC run faster and much better. The good thing about defraggler is that it allows you to choose the files you want to defrag making the process much more easier and faster.

Download Defraggler


Comodo Firewall Pro

Windows inbuilt Firewall is good but not really one of the best things around, there are several alternatives which you can definitely try out but our personal favorite is Comodo which packs in all the features of a professional version as a free software.

Download Comodo Firewall Pro



“Oops I deleted that important file” is a statement many users have right after using Shift + Delete option for a file.If you thought that you could never recover the deleted file you are in for a surprise. There are several softwares that will allow you to recover deleted files.

Recuva is one of the best alternative that is available today, not only is it very reliable, you will not have to spend a penny for it as it is completely free.

Download Recuva


Imaging Tools, Graphics, 3D Software, Image Managers


Gimp is undoubtedly the best alternative available for Photoshop. Edit your images with ease without having to worry about paying a fortune for Photoshop. Gimp also can be used in conjunction with plugins bringing a host of new features to the core software.

Download Gimp



Creating 3D applications is not that easy but even more harder is spending thousands of dollars to get a software that allows you to create 3D animations.

Blender is a great application to work with 3D modeling with a great interface at a unmatchable price, Free.

Download Blender



Picasa is definitely one of the best tools available for managing your photos. With Picasa you can import your pictures from your camera and edit them to change contrast, remove red eyes and more. You can also upload your pictures to your online album and share them with family and friends without having to upload each and every file individually.

Download Picasa



Miro allows you to convert your PC into a Internet TV. You can use it to watch Internet video channels and play any video file. You can play files from YouTube and more and you can play almost any types of file with it including HD videos.

Download Miro



Audacity is one of the best free tools available for audio editing and recording for several operating systems.

You can record live audio, convert tapes into digital recordings, cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together and more.

Download Audacity


Development Tools, Editors


Eclipse is one of the best development IDE available for building robust enterprise applications, embedded software development and more with support for several languages.

The Eclipse project has been supported by several well know companies and also has a very large open source community to help develop and test the product.

Learn more and download Eclipse



Notepad++ is not just a mere notepad replacement, it will allow you to modify several file types and has been getting better by the day with new features like auto complete and more.

If you are stuck with notepad this is definitely one software you should give a try.

Learn more and download Notepad++


CD / DVD Writing Softwares, DVD Ripping, Virtual CD / DVD


Download and learn more about Handbrake



CDBurnerXP is a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface.

Download CDBurnerXP



Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is no doubt one of the best alternative to the Adobe PDF reader. It is much more faster and robust than the reader provided by Adobe.

There are several features that you make you completely ditch Adobe PDF reader, if you have not already done that.

Download Foxit PDF Reader


xPlorer2 Lite

Windows explorer is definitely not the best to manage files, with you have to open several windows just to perform a simple task of copying and pasting files.

xPlorer2 Lite is a very handy utility when it comes to managing files in Windows. The tabbed interface saves you lot of times and hassles simplifying the task of managing files.

Download xPlorer2 Lite



Loading applications has never been more easier than it is with Launchy. This is probably one of the best software that makes your life much more easier when it comes to opening applications without having to go through the pain of creating a desktop shortcut or searching for them.

Download and learn more about Launchy


Google Desktop

If you thought Google only worked online then you are in for a surprise. Google Desktop is one of the best indexing and desktop search tools for your PC with results as accurate as their web based search.

With Google Desktop Search you can search your files, emails, chat conversations and more. The handy sidebar also allows you to add gadgets so that you can access information quickly and easily.

Download and learn more about Google Desktop


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Kaspersky 2010 Genuine Activation Code For 90 Days

From time-to-time we get chance to grab free genuine keys for Kaspersky software's under special promotions like - "90 Days License For Kaspersky Internet Security 2009" and "100 Days Free Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 License Key" as shared earlier, now here is another chance to grab 90 days activation code compatible with both KIS 2009 and KIS 2010, simply follow the steps after the jump to get your own Kaspersky Internet security Activation code valid for 90 days.

Just follow the steps:

1. Visit the promo page here.

2. Fill in the asked details using help from the screenshot above, using KIS2009-538491 as the promo code.

3.You should receive an email with your personal free Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 activation code valid for 90 days.

How to Convert Text into mp3 Audio or Voice Message – Make Webpages Audible

Text into mp3 Audio

Converting text to voice can be very useful in so many ways, you don’t need to read out simply listen. vozMe is a service that can help you in creating mp3 from the text. It is a easy to use online tool. You just need to type in or paste the text.

How to Convert Text into mp3 Audio using Vozme

Enter the Text.
Choose the Male/Female voice as per your requirements.
Hit the create mp3 button.
As soon as you hit the “Create mp3” button, it starts working and a new window is opened, and soon you get the mp3 file being played in this window, a download of mp3 file is also possible.
Embed Widget in Blog / Site to Convert your Post into Audio

If you have a site or your blog and you want to place the mp3 files of your post or any other content you can visit here.
You can also add voice to your browser, you just need to visit this page, here you can get to vozMe links one for male voice whereas other for female voice, if using
IE you just need to right click and add to favorites.
Firefox, Drag and drop the link to bookmark.
Doing this whenever you want to listen to any text just select (highlight) that and choose vozMe from your favorite or bookmark.
The conversion is quite a fast process, is done in no-time. Have your say how do you like it??


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Tools to Read Data from Damaged CD

This is a usual case with all of us, and almost all of us have damaged CDs but with important data that we don’t want to miss.
If this is the case with you then you can try the following free software that can read or recover the data from the damaged and corrupted CDs.


Fix Computer Problems by Windows Repair

As we all know, most of the computer problems are caused by computer viruses it is the Operating System that suffers a lot after that.
Even if you have removed the virus from the system, it would have already done so many problems in your system that you wish to format it. While in most of the cases, the problems can be fixed by using some tools but if there are so many problems then we usually wish to format it.
It would be worthwhile to note that Repair done using Windows CD can fix almost all the Operating System problems. So in case you don’t want to format your computer then you should Repair it.


1. Boot from Windows XP CD
2. Press ‘R‘ to start recovery console.
3. When asked to select Windows, type ‘1‘ (default) for “C:\Windows”.
4. You will then be asked to enter Password for Administrator, leave it blank or enter password of your choice.
5. In the command prompt type Copy C:\windows\repair\system C:\windows\system32\config\system
6. When asked, Press Y to overwrite files.
7. When done, type Exit to restart the system.
Most of the OS related problems would have fixed now.

Nokia Barges into Netbook Market with Booklet 3G

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more competitive in the arena of laptops and netbooks, Nokia has announced its snazzy netbook called the Booklet 3G. Nokia seems to be diversifying into a hitherto much tried market of netbooks, in order to become a complete mobile solutions company.
The netbook itself looks pretty awesome, and many analysts feel it resembles the MacBook Air, instead of a regular netbook. The Booklet 3G is expected to run on Intel’s Atom processor though the speed of which is not known yet. Nokia would also use Microsoft’s Windows OS though it is not clear yet if they would be using a stripped down or a full version.

The coolest feature however has to be the claimed 12 hour battery life which would give Nokia an edge over other popular netbooks in the market. It would have a screen of 10 inches and would weigh just 1.25 kilograms making it extremely portable, and convenient to use. Nokia would be competing with pioneers of netbook Asus, and also Dell and HP who have their own versions of netbooks. Asus had announced their EEE PC 900 recently, which seems to be doing pretty well. Rumours also predict that it would use the Windows 7 instead of the Vista which has become quite unpopular.

Surprisingly, the Nokia Booklet 3G comes with many astonishing features such as a built-in GPS, wireless 3G data connection, 2 cm thickness, HDMI port for High Definition content, Ovi Suite for syncing between phone, netbook and The Cloud, access to Nokia Music Store, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and many other features which are not revealed yet. The amazingly thin and portable Booklet 3G comes in blue, silver and black.

The Booklet 3G is feature rich, snazzy, chic, portable and comes from the house of Nokia, and thus things can’t really go wrong here. Many analysts however fear Nokia is venturing into a saturated market and that too with razor sharp competition which could hurt their already bleeding profits. Nevertheless, Nokia seems to see this as an opportunity to diversify its market and take on Apple and other companies which have products for both cell phone and netbook users.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Access emails on the go on your Nokia device. Get ur Ovi Mail Id at & send SMS OVI to 55555 to get a mobile app free.


Access emails on the go on your Nokia device. Get ur Ovi Mail Id at & send SMS OVI to 55555 to get a mobile app free.