Saturday, October 10, 2009

Increase Speed of Downloading with Wyzo 3

Wyzo is an awesome new browser that has been made on the FireFox framework. It will accelerate your web downloads, let you download torrents with a single click, discover media in your browser and much more.

Wyzo has been optimized in such a way that you get a rich media experience anytime you use the internet. With the integration of Cooliris effect you can search images much faster than before and view them with great pleasure. Other than that video loading times are also better.

Apart from this as this software has been entirely made on the latest Mozilla technologies, you have a familiar feeling while using the browser. Also any add-ons that go into the standard Mozilla FireFox browser also can be used with Wyzo.

The downloading speed in Wyzo is great. According to their site. ‘Wyzo incorporates multi-source downloading wherever possible to significantly accelerate your web downloads – supercharge those downloads!’ Well after a little looking about, I saw that it uses the add-on FireDownload to achieve a greater download speed. See the picture below, which is a comparison of downloading with FireFox and Wyzo.

Some of the top features of this awesome browser:

* Familiar FireFox interface and options
* All FireFox add-ons work with wyzo
* Faster downloading
* Torrent downloading also integrated

and many more features. To know more click here.

Download Wyzo

Why I Use PhotoScape ? Best, Free & Quick Image Editing Software

Photoscape is the fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos. A very complete package that will meet most of your digital image editing needs. Just browse its quick features & you will know why I use photoscape.

Why I Use PhotoScape ?

Till now I have reviewed free photo editing softwares, online tools to create funny photo effects etc, and many imaging tools but this is the perfect software I was looking for. I was using Microsoft Office Picture Manager to edit my images I use for Blog Posts. But PhotoScape is the best alternative to Microsoft Office Picture Manager. I would recommend everyone to use it as has lot of features, its very fast etc. and some really amazing features like color picker, batch rename, Lossless Image rotation, Screen Capture and the combine feature. yet only 15mb.

Key Features PhotoScape – The Best, Free & Quick Image Editing Software

Viewer: View your folders photos, slideshow
Editor: resizing, brightness and color adjustment, white balance, backlight correction, frames, balloons, mosaic mode, adding text, drawing pictures, cropping, filters, red eye removal, blooming
Batch editor: Batch editing multiple photos
Page: Make one photo by merging multiple photos at the page frame
Combine: Make one photo by attaching multiple photos vertically or horizontally
Animated GIF: Make one animation photo with multiple photos
Print: Print portrait shot, visiting cards, passport photo
Splitter: Divide a photo into multiple parts
Screen Capture: Capture your screenshot and save it
Color Picker: Zoom in screen on images, search and pick the color
Rename: Change photo file names in batch mode
Raw Converter: Convert RAW to JPG
Paper Print: Print lined, graph, music, calendar papers
Face Search: Find similar faces on the internet

Download PhotoScape : Click Here (15.5 MB)

FREE COMPUTER TRICKS AND TIPS: Remove Saved Passwords Your Internet Browser Stored

FREE COMPUTER TRICKS AND TIPS: Remove Saved Passwords Your Internet Browser Stored

Remove Saved Passwords Your Internet Browser Stored

When we log into Facebook, Gmail or any of the number of web services we use every day, we don’t want to type in the username and password every time. All the major web browsers offer the option to save, incase you forget your passwords you can auto-fill them – which is very convenient, but not that secure.

Why Make your Internet Browser Forget Saved Passwords ?

What if someone else uses your computer and can log into your personal email account because your password is saved? Or worse, if your laptop is stolen and those sensitive login details are auto-filled in for the thieves’ convenience.

Make Internet Explorer Forget Passwords you Saved

To remove a stored password or stored form data in Internet Explorer

* From the Tools menu, select Internet Options

* Click the Content tab, and then click the AutoComplete… button.

----->A window will pop. To remove stored passwords, click Clear Passwords.
----->To clear stored data that you have entered into forms, click Clear Forms.
----->Click OK

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How To Download 100% Working Verified Torrents

With a huge potential targets, bittorent sites are now the most safest place for hackers and spammers. In the past few months I’ve noticed more and more infected torrents getting getting popular. Some torrents are password-protected others contain malicious viruses, and there’s even fake torrents to lure in unsuspecting torrenters.So how can we know before downloading whether the torrent has been infected and it’s working or not.
Vertor is bittorrent site where every available torrents is checked for viruses, fakes, DRM and passwords. For this, it first downloads and then scans using latest antivirus software’s for any potential threat and makes sure that it not fake or password protected.