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How to Move Installed Applications from Default C Drive to other Drives

Generally it is observed that once an application is installed on any drive and if later moved or copied to other drives the application becomes useless and does not work. By default Windows installs all applications in C:\ drive but with passage of time we require more and more space on this drive to fulfill our software requirements.

The only way left in this situation is to uninstall some applications. But what if you are using all the installed applications. In situations like this Stream Mover comes handy.

Stream Mover is a portable freeware application for windows that can move installed applications from default installed drive to other drive without any side effects. Working with Stream Mover is easy and you do not have go through any special and tiring configurations. Only thing that you have to do is point the folder where the application you want to use is installed. For instance, in default cases you can point the source folder to C:\Program files. The other thing is the destination, you can set any other drive as destination where the application will be moved. Once these are selected you can press the blue arrow icons in front of respective applications to move them.

My Verdict: This is an extremely useful application but it only works on NTFS formatted drives and is tested on Windows 7. It can move almost all applications but may fail in some cases.

Download Stream Mover (1.1 MB)

Turn your Computer into WiFi Hot Spot with Virtual Router

If you need to share your computer’s wireless internet with other systems then it can be done easily by converting it into a WiFi hot spot using the in-built wifi feature.

What you need to do is just download and install this tool called Virtual Router which turns any Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 Computer into a Wifi Hot Spot using Windows 7’s Wireless Hosted Network (Virtual Wifi) technology.

This is a great tool as it can solve many problems regarding the sharing of the wireless service. You can pair any device with your Windows 7 system without having to install any new hardware. Just use this tool, create a new wireless network, set it’s password and you should be good to pair devices with your computer wifi hot spot.

The tool has been coded in C# and is free to use. The tool is small in size and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Virtual Router

Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking eBook Download

A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking is a complete path for novice hackers are curious who want to learn Ethical Hacking Techniques.The The information given in this book will make you a master hacker. How does the information in the book affect me?

You will learn all the techniques of ethical hacking and also learn how to apply them in real-world situation. You will start to think like hackers. Protect your computer from trojans, worms, adware, etc. Amaze your friends with your newly learned tricks. You will be able to protect your car from further hacking attacks.

1000 Tutorials Hacking Filtering (Bonus for a limited time)

For a limited time, purchase a Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking you will receive this bonus package! 1000 Hacking Tutorials contains 1000 filtered the tutorials of the best hackers in 2010 was leaked online! Its decision time! Now I’ve heard all you’re waiting.

Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking eBook Download

Guide to Ethical Hacking eBook Download : CLICK HERE

This book requires no prior knowledge of Hacking. So if you are new to the concept of piracy and wants to dominate from the basics, then this book is for you. The information contained in this book will put you in the mindset of a hacker and show you all the hacker secret.So is what are you waiting for! Grab "A beginners guide to ethical hacking" and begin your journey of Hacking.

Note: A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking is in PDF format to make it easy for you to apply the information in real world.

Enhance and Stabilize Your Video Clips by VrevealVideo optimization Technology

VReveal is videoimprovement software but be sure that it is not video edition.Most video editing software available in the market may also provide the optimization features and these programs allow you to do things like adjust the contrast and correct sharpness.

Enhance and Stabilize Your Video Clips by VrevealVideo optimization Technology

But VReveal technology offers the most detailed information to enhance and significantly reduce noise and stabilize video complex.

Enhance and Stabilize Your Video Clips by VrevealVideo optimization Technology

Features available in VREVEAL:

· Based on a single CPU system.

· NVIDIA GPU Acceleration with the graphics processor.

· Automatically locates all video on your computer and presented in one gallery .

· Video playback.

· Optimize video.

· One-click editing.

· Audio Video clean.

· Resolution 2x – add details of low-resolution video.

· Shaky video stabilization.

· Definition video misty

· De – interlace.

· Sharp correction.

· Dark color video.

· Video Fix in batches.

· Controller optimized for advanced users.

· Turn sideways video.

· Cut the video at the best of it.

· Share over internet.

· Print and Capture capability.

· Picture quality of the video to increase.

· Save in Windows Media Video (WMV) or uncompressed AVI.

· Can Upload directly to YouTube or Facebook.

· Absolutely free software providing such a great functionalities.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Processor: Dual-core CPU or better
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: At least 60MB of free space
  • Microsoft .NET Framework: Version 3.5 SP1 or newer



Firefox Booster: Tweak and Optimize Firefox for Faster Page Loading Speed

Firefox is one of the most popular web browser commonly used by most of the people due to its versatility of supporting add-ons and tweaking that can be done. Tweaking can be with respect to increase Firefox page loading speed with available internet connection or optimizing Firefox in other aspects, hence giving overall performance boost. Performing these tasks manually on Firefox config require bit knowledge and may not be convenient for basic users. Firefox Booster can help in doing so.

Firefox Booster is a freeware windows application that tweaks Firefox with a few clicks. It consists of two windows providing internet connection optimizations and miscellaneous tweaks. These tweaks are easy to understand and can be applied just by selecting them respectively.

To make these changes take effect you have to restart Firefox. This application is very useful for home users for basic tweaks and optimizations.

Download Firefox Booster (1.09MB)

Download High Resolution National Geographic Wallpapers With Single Click

We always want one wallpaper on our desktop to change with a better one . National Geographic wallpapers are really good option to look for. These wallpapers not only consists of real natural beauty beyond our imagination but also wallpapers that are appreciated by one and all. If you want to download all National Geographic wallpapers at one place then NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader is a good option to give a try.

NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader is a portable freeware application for windows. It gives you thousands of National geographic wallpapers at one place. Using this application is extremely easy and you do not have to go through tedious settings to make this work.

It provides wallpapers of magazines and several categories like photography, animals, science, environment and kids. You can select desired categories among these and select the resolution to look for. Once this is set you will be given an approximate idea of number of wallpapers in selected categories for the selected resolutions.

When you are done selecting just click the download button. While it downloads wallpapers you can view download status can also preview of downloaded images from within this application. Wallpapers will be downloaded within few minutes depending number being downloaded and your internet connection speed.

Download NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader (453.52KB)

Increase Hard Disk Space By Removing Duplicate Files

Now-a-days, most of the people have a large collection of music (audio or video), images and photos saved in different folders in the system. Managing this huge collection is not an easy task especially when there are many identical files present.

These unnecessary duplicate files lead to the lack of free space in hard drive. Also, sometimes in confusion, it leads to the deletion of those files whose identical is not present. So, to make this management easy, there is freeware called Auslogics Duplicate File Finder which will find and delete all the duplicate files present in your system.

We have earlier reviewed about similar tools for deleting duplicate music files and duplicate images.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a smart tool which scans computer not only for duplicate music and image files but also for duplicate videos, archives and certain applications. It is compatible with Windows 7 , Windows vista, 2003, xp and 2000.

When installed in your system, its main window will appear like this and provides the option of searching for the desired file type (audio, video, images, archives, applications or all). Also, you can specify the drive in which you want to search for the duplicate file.

For example, here i want to search for duplicate images and audio files in the E , F and G drive.


Auslogics Duplicate File Finder has the MD5 search engine which allows the program to search for duplicate files by content, regardless of other match criteria. This will be helpful for searching the files having the same content but different names.

You can use this option by going in the ‘Scan Options’ and choose ‘Ignore file names’. You can also scan by ignoring the file dates.


After all the settings, you just have to select ‘Search’ and the process will take few minutes to show the result. The list will be shown in the form of group of similar items.

This application provides several ways for selecting the files. For example, select one in each group or select duplicate in each group and many more. After selecting the desired files, you just have to select ‘Delete Selected Files’.


The deleted files will go to the desired place either recycle bin, rescue center or will be deleted permanently. You can set your preference in the ‘Delete Options’. From the rescue center, you can restore the files which are deleted by this application.


Download Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Add More Options in Right Click Send To Menu

Send To option is very useful option to send an item instantly from one location to another like a removable drive, Bluetooth or just a folder. It would have been great if we could have customized this option by ourselves and also added more to it.

With the help of a tool called Send To Toys, we can do much more functions than just send. Send To Toys is an enhancement of the Send To system menu.

Send To Toys Control Panel Applet allows you to manage the Send To system menu content, and configure the various Send To Toys settings. Whether it is Quick Launch, Recycle Bin or some other location, just use this tool.

The tool is a freeware and can also be used to add customized options to the context menu send to option.

Download Send To Toys

Best PDF to Office Converter: Able2Extract for Accurate PDF Conversions

Many PDF converters claim to convert from PDF to Office but only one can truly make this claim. The new Able2Extract 7 lets users convert their PDF documents to the key Office 2010 formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.

Able2Extract 7 has a slick looking GUI that has been completely Best PDF to Office Converter: Accurate PDF Conversionsreworked in this new version. The simple clean design makes it easy to navigate, search and convert your PDF documents. Open a file, select your data, and click to convert– all can be done from the toolbar.

Best PDF to Office Converter: Accurate PDF Conversions

Able2Extract 7 will satisfy the advanced user as well by giving them extra control over difficult PDF conversions or conversion will different wrinkles than a straightforward conversion. A great example is the custom PDF to Excel option. Users can control the row and column structure of table data being converted. Conversions can be tweaked right from the Excel conversion toolbar.

Best PDF to Office Converter: Accurate PDF Conversions

Several PDF to Word conversion options available. The "standard" option lets users convert their PDF to Word and place text directly on the PDF page while retaining the PDF images in Word document. The "standard" is the recommended option because it preserves the originality of converted the PDF to Word in the identification points, text labels, graphics, tables, and column flow, etc. and then replicate it in Microsoft Word.

The "Frames" conversion option places text into frames within Word and preserves the background images. The "Text Only" conversion option lets users convert text directly into MS Word page without the background images.

Performance wise, Able2Extract 7 does a lot more in a lot less disk space than most top end converters. Conversions are fast and most of all, accurate.

Check it out. The software is compatible with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 and previous versions of Windows OS and Office as well. You can download Able2Extract 7 as a 7-day free trial to test out for yourself.

Schedule Windows to Shutdown with ShutDown After

Consider a situation in which you are downloading a movie from internet but you want to go to sleep. What you will do? The best reply would be to schedule Windows to turn off or log off automatically after the task is over.

ShutDown After is simple program by use of which you can set timer or assign hotkeys for windows shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate, stand by. This can prove very helpful in situations, when you want your computer to get shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate, stand by after completion of some task or you want to perform shut down operations by just key press.

This is a great tool if you are unsure of the time taken by your system to complete some work and turn off the system. Well if you don’t actually need this tool then also this can been used to shut down the system with the hotkey combination of Ctrl + Alt + S.

The tool is a freeware and works best on Windows XP and Vista only.

Download ShutDown After

Recover Files From Damaged CD DVD Disks

While copying data from a damaged CD, DVD or failing hard disk, usually the computer becomes less responsive and you hear repetitive seek noises from the drive for up to a minute. And then, you will encounter ‘Cannot copy Data error (cyclic redundancy check)’.

The copy process is then aborted with no option of retrying to read from the damaged area or skipping over it. This is very frustrating when copying large files because you must try copying again from the beginning.


For the solution of this problem, there is a freeware called File Recovery which will copy all the readable portions from the damaged CD or DVD with ease.

File Recovery is a simple and smart tool which is specially designed to tackle the Cyclic Redundancy Errors while copying files from CD or DVD. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP.

The application does not need any installation. When run, the main window will appear like this. You just have to add the ‘source file’ by browsing from where you want to copy the data which will appear in the space provided for them. It can copy bulk of files in one go. It does not support drag and drop option so, you have to browse all the files one by one which you want to copy.


After that, you just have to give the ‘destination folder’ where you want to store the files and click ‘Start’. The status of the process can be seen in the comment column present in front of each file. In this column, you can also see the size of the file which you are copying like shown below.

There is also a ‘log’ window at the bottom where you can see all the activities done in the application.


In the option ‘Tools’ there is an option of ‘Options’ for making settings while copying data. In it, you can set the block settings while reading source files. Also, you can set the option of reprocessing all files in the option of ‘File Processing’ and debugging settings and many more.


You can also use this tool utility for making back-up of important files. In short, it is a compact tool (of 80 kb only) which is of great use.

Download File Recovery

Repair Corrupted ZIP Archives Freeware Tool

  • To repair an archive provides a simple 3 step wizard. In the first step you must specify the zip corrupted and the target location.
  • The second step shows the contents of the archive where you can also navigate to any folder and check to verify the contents of the file that must be repaired.

  • Pressing the key Next the repair process begins.
  • Finally, pressing Finish the procedure ends. At this stage you can also flagged the option to open the archive to the ends of the repair procedure.
  • After the quick processing, Zip Repair creates a new ZIP that contains all the files retain the same integrity that repaired the original version of the archive.

What more, It can also repair MS office 2007 and Office 2010 documents too like docx, pptx and xlsx
During the tests, it was possible to repair an application contained in a ZIP successfully.
ZIP Repair is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP to 7.

Download ZIP repair

UltraSurf: Unblock any Blocked Websites

How many of you use proxy websites to unblock blocked websites in your office andultra-surf college? Usually hardware firewall detect such proxy and unblock it in a while. Most effective way to unblock any blocked site is by using proxy software’s and VPN. In this post I’m talking about one useful proxy software call Ultra Surf which helps you to unblock any website and access any website like Facebook, orkut, Myspace and other social networking websites which are blocked.

Ultrasurf is a ultra light software which doesn’t need any installation. You can carry this software in your pen drive and can run it.

Ultra surf uses proxy and by changing your browser setting to you can access any website.

Download UltraSurf

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