Thursday, September 10, 2009

Replace Task Manager With Microsoft Process Explorer | Task Manager Does Not Open

Process explorer is a an advanced task manager for windows from sysinternals which gives you more indepth about the process running on your computer as compared to the traditional task manager. You can see the process running with how much memory they are consuming, how CPU usage they are taking, what are there parent process and lot more other information.

Sometimes it may happen when task manager does not open and it could be blocked by some virus infection on your computer, in that case you can easily replace process explorer in place of task manager by following the procedure given below.

1. Download Process Explorer

2. Run Process Explorer and go to file menu options >> Replace Task Manager

3. Click the above option highlighted in the image above.

Now when ever you press the shortcut keys Alt+Ctrl+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch task manager process explorer will open up and you can kill the virus process running which is blocking task manager from running.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Free File Partition Tool For Windows - Active Partition Manager

Free File Partition Tool For Windows - Active Partition Manager

Active@ Partition Manager is a free tool which help you manage and partition storage devices like hard disk, portable drives and all other types of storage devices on your computer. You can create, delete, format and name the partitions on your computer, resize them or alter them most of the settings and configurations will take changes immediately. Some related tips about which we have written previously Open Windows Drive From System Tray, Install Linux

1. Create a partition or logical drive
2. Format a logical drive or partition (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS)
3. Assign or change partition attributes
4. Format a Flash memory as NTFS
5. Delete a partition or logical drive
6. Create FAT32 partitions greater than 32GB in size (up to 1Tb)
7. Mark partition as active.
8. Create several partitions on a USB flash memory device
9. View the properties of a partition, logical drive or hard drive device

Download Active Partition Manager

Download WinASO Registry Optimizer v4.5

WinASO Registry Optimizer v4.5

WinASO Registry Optimizer is an advanced registry cleaner and optimizer for Windows that allows you to safely clean and repair registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks.
It scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. By fixing these obsolete information in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free.
With a few easy steps,WinASO Registry Optimizer will scan your entire registry for any invalid entries and provide a list of the errors found.
You can then choose to clean each item or automatically repair them all after making a backup. WinASO Registry Optimizer can restoring Internet Explorer setting, including IE Home Page, IE Window Title, etc.
WinASO Registry Optimizer is well designed to fix common problems such as denied access to missing drives and disks and illegally modified Internet Explorer pages. Substantial testing has been done on this software to ensure the safety of your system. We have not received any complaints about the system stability.

WinASO Registry Optimizer v4.5

5 Best Image Search Engines – Find Free Photos

Top Image Search Sites

1. Photoxpress : Their mission statement is finding you stock photos in high resolution for free. They have almost 400 thousand photos and they are all categorized. Sign up needed.


2. Twitcaps : Since Twitter was set up, many useful applications for it came to life. One of them is Twitcaps, which shows pictures that were uploaded by Twitter in real time. Of course you can search them by tags and users.


3. Feelimage : The authors of this website try to help you find photos by your “feel”. It distinguishes between 127 colors and times of a day. So you can easily find a red flower in the morning.


4. Xcavator : Xcavator helps you find stock photos from numerous providers with an interesting tool of color search. The service itself is free, but the photos it finds may not be. It has more than 6 million photos.


5. Picsearch : They promise you to find more than 3 billion photos. Basically it works just like Google search, but it gives you additional information about the picture.

Hide Private Files and Folder On USB

Portable Drive With WinMend – Files Will Be Hidden On Any Computer You Plug Your Drive

WinMend is a free tool which is the first free tool which lets you hide your private files and folder which you don’t want others to see while they access or use your USB Pen Drive.

This works successfully to hide files and folders both on your computer and your Removable Drive .

This application has a very simple interface, which allows you to hide any folder or file not only computer, but even on the removable drive. All the files hidden with this tool will be securely hidden even when the USB drive is accessed in another operating system or at any other computer.

Download WinMend To Hide Files and Folder For Free

Scale and Increase Size of Image without Blurring

If you wish to scale and increase the size of any image but do not wish to compromise on the quality then there is a solution for sure.

Usually what happens is that when you scale your image you tend to lose pixels and quality but the solution to this thing is provided by the another type of images called Vector Images. There are two type of images, one that are formed from pixels and second formd from vectors.
While pixel images loses quality when scaled, vector images are effectless. So what you need is either an offline client that can convert your bitmap images to vector images or this website called Vector Magic that can convert your images for you.

Try it for yourself and i am sure you will like it too. Forget about losing quality while scaling images.