Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Windows 8 Professional Edition Leaked Version

Windows 8 Professional Edition Leaked Version

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Fast Web Photo Download [ [Firefox Add-on] ]

We will come across a lot of beautiful photo in a web page as browsing internet,but if each photo applied with right click and save as function,there are quite troublesome surely.So,how to download countless web photo fast and easy ?

Outwit images is a Firefox add-on that can help you display all the single web page photo in a new window,you can viewing the photo through slideshow method and download it.

Download and installed,a Outwit icon will appear at navigation toolbar.You just click the icon as want to download and save all the photo in a single web page,all the photo will displayed as thumbnails in a new window.


Then save all the photo by right click and select 'All the image',or

You can drag the photo that need downloaded and drop to 'catch column',then click 'save catch images' download photo into your PC.

Moreover,you can specify the photo resolution by select 'Tool' tab and 'Option',


After that select 'catch all matches',it will match the photo and drag to 'catch column' automatically and you can save the photo.


Add Background Image For Your Pendrive

We all might have set background images for the Local drives in Windows Xp.But you might not have set background picture for your pendrive.It’s a very simple hack so give it a try after reading this post,
All you need to do is, just Copy & Paste the below code to notepad,then save it as “desktop.ini

VeBRA sources – don’t delete the tag above, it’s there for XXXXX purposes -

Some Information On Above Code:

Where “YourPictureName.jpg” is, delete that and replace with your picture name for example “FreeBSD.bmp


Please check that Picture format (.jpg , .bmp, .gif) properly else this hack won’t work.

** If your Picture is white colour then folder names will not be clear so change the IconArea_Text=”0xFFFFFF” to IconArea_Text=”0x000000

** Save the notepad as “desktop.ini”.

** Place both your notepad file (i.e) desktop.ini and your picture in Pendrive.

** Set the above files attributes as Hidden.

** Refresh(F5) and Enjoy with your new background.

** You can also this on your windows Xp Local drives(C,D,E,F…).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How To Resize And Reduce My Photo And Image File Size

Ever wanted to resize your image and reduce your photo’s size at once? Can you imagine resizing all of your holiday images one by one just for emailing? Resize My Photosis a freeware software for resizing multiple JPEG-images in bulk.
* Resize My Photos is a tiny software that need no further introduction, here are some of Resize My Photos software features:
* Resize multiple JPEG files at once (batch resizing)
* Resize images by limiting the longest edge (fit to a box), height or width
Set image quality for resized images

Unlike other image resizing software, My Resize Photo allows you to choose the output quality, not to mention it is super light on resources, and best of all it’s totally FREE TO USE without any nags, ads or time limits!

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How To Backup Firefox Extensions

Mozilla Firefox is one my favorite web browser and its add-on feature makes it stand out from the crowd. Today I am going to tell you how to take a backup of your Firefox extensions, so that you do not need to install all the extensions again when you install fresh copy of Windows. There are two ways to take backup, one is manual and other is automatic. Lets start

Manual Way

The manual way is to download each and every extension one by one on your local hard disk and install it later. Below is a simple procedure that will tell you how to download the add-ons to your hard disk.
Search for the addon and click on big green button i.e Add to Firefox. A Window will pop up asking whether you want to install that add-on or not. Do not click on Install now but below the addon name you will see a link starting from http.
Copy that link till .xpi and use any download manger to download that xpi file.

Have a look

In this way you can take backup of all the installed extensions. Now to restore them, open Firefox and press ctrl+O and open the downloaded addons and install it.

Automatic way

To backup all the Firefox extensions automatically install a Firefox addon called FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension). It allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions. You can also backup and restore themes, bookmarks, preferences, cookies and much more.

Installation Instructions

Click here to visit the installation link.

Upload to Windows SkyDrive from Desktop [How To]

Windows forums Moderator Rsvr85Has Written a guide, Which shows How to upload Directly to You from your desktop Windows SkyDrive. To Achieve this, You'll Need a Windows Live account.

Upload to Windows SkyDrive from Desktop