Saturday, September 19, 2009

Disable Automatic Updates Restart Now Dialog Box

It is very annoying when you are doing some work on your computer and the dialog pops up asking to Restart Now or Later after the Automatic Updates.

Similar happened when I was watching a presentation and the computer asked the same thing. If you are also facing this problem then here are the steps to disable the notification.


* Type cmd in the Run box to open the command prompt and type in the following line.
sc stop wuauserv

* This command will automatically disable the automatic updates and the pop up will not come again, you may need admin rights for this to work.

* Use a free tool called Auto Reboot Remover that can enable or disable the automatic reboot feature of windows XP after an update has been installed.

Download Auto Reboot Remover

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Convert Your Photos into Amazing Looking Paintings Online

Psykopaint is an online painting application that was developed in order to provide users with the possibility to paint by the use of a wide variety of colors. This solution resembles some features you will find on Photoshop but it is quite different.

Transform your Photos into Awsome Paintings with PsykoPaint

With Psykopaint you actually use your mind and imagination with a great deal of freedom so you can experiment with a variety of painting techniques.

Psykopaint was not conceived as a mere emulator of the traditional painting styles. This solution was developed with the intention to be used as an alternative way to create new tools that can be used by designers and regular people. On this site you will find a great number of good art pieces that were created with the use of this solution.

After you use this tool a couple of times you will be able to create pretty paintings from pictures. Psykopaint gives you many possibilities when it comes to letting you mind to fly in the creation of an endless assortment of art pieces

Example of a Painting Made By Converting a Photo with Psykopaint

GOTO Psykopaint

Friday, September 18, 2009

Create Animated Gif Images from Youtube Clippings

Using Animated gif instead of videos is not dead as thought, they are useful in certain situation and software such as avatar for forums and as icons for chatting software or emails where they come in handy.

GifSoup is a free video to GIF converter tool that lets you turn YouTube videos into a GIF animations. Also read how to change size of animated .gif images.

How to Convert Youtube Videos into Animated Gif format ?

Just follow the steps to Cut & Convert Youtube video into GIF image :

* Click here to open the page GIFSoup.
* Then there is option( Enter the YouTube URL from which you would like to capture your Gif )is given.
* Just add the URL what you have copy from Youtube site.
* Then click create.
* You can see the video and set the start time and end time.Between start time and end time you can only select 10 second playing time.
Then you are success to Cut & convert Youtube video into GIF image.

Example of an Animated Image Created from an Youtube Advertisement using GifSoup

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Steps to Safely Remove USB Drive when Icon is missing

I came across many computers in which after connecting the pen drive I found that there was no safely remove icon and thus I came across no option to safely remove my drive.

Although the USB drive does not require safely removal but it is always better to use this option. So if it is also the case with your system then here are the steps to remove the drive even if the safely remove icon is missing.


1. Even if there is no icon then you can still access the Safely Remove Hardware dialog box by typing the following command in the Run box.
rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll
Now you can easily stop the device and pull it out.

2. The other way to eject the drive is to use a tool called USB Disk Ejector.

The tool is able to eject any USB device easily and in a click.

Download USB Disk Ejector

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FreeRapid Downloader-Megaupload and Mediafire and more

FreeRapid Downloader is a free to use application which allows you to download files from some popular file hosting servers like rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire etc and lot more other file hosting services. This application is based on plugin system which automatically updates itself in the background to support new file hosting servers to download files.

Moreover it can download multiple files simultaneously from different file hosting servers including rapidshare. It will automatically add those links copied in the clip board which are pointing to the file hosting servers.

Download FreeRapid Downloader

Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Set Background Image For A Folder In Windows Xp

In my previous post I have said How To Add Background Image For Pendrive.Now lets see a similar hack of setting background image for a folder in Xp.

* Just download and install Windowpaper XP v2.0 Beta 2
* Run the application.
* It is highly custamizable appz you can set image,Change folder Icon,Text colour.
* That’s it!!! Simple way to set the image.