Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 10 of the Best Spyware Removal Tools in 2009

1) Ad-Aware Provides advanced real-time protection for spyware related problems. This is one of the most popular and most commonly used applications and includes all the major features.

Ad-Aware free DOWNLOAD


2) AntiSpyware 2009 Restores the safety of your PC by eliminating the existing spyware and protecting the system from future spyware attacks. This application ensures optimal system performance.

AntiSpyware 2009 free DOWNLOAD


3) Spybot S & D Helps in the removal of usage tracks. Provides free email and forum support for the application. Gives a detailed information of the action taken.

Spybot S & D free DOWNLOAD


4) Spware BeGone Prevents home page take overs. Stops ID thefts and fixes PC errors. Also helps in increasing the speed of the PC.

Spware BeGone free DOWNLOAD


5) Spyware Doctor The best spyware protector with a high degree of efficiency. Uses IntelliGuard technology and alerts user only on true spyware detection.

Spyware Doctor free DOWNLOAD


6) Spyware Guard Quick real time scanning and protection. Due to its small size downloads and definitions are quick. Does not allow spyware to download into Internet Explorer.

Spyware Guard free DOWNLOAD


7) Spyware Nuker XT This application has an improved user interface. The Active Protection feature tracks execution of every program at the kernel level and notifies the user of it.

Spyware Nuker XT free DOWNLOAD


8 ) Spyware Terminator This application is available as a freeware utility for both personal as well as commercial use. Provides an option of anti-virus integration. Performs thorough scanning of memory and drives.

Spyware Terminator free DOWNLOAD


9) Spy Hunter Allows for interactive one to one customer support service. Intelligent automatic protection is provided. Also provides custom fixes for specific spyware problems.

Spy Hunter free DOWNLOAD


10) StartPage Guard Protects internet browser’s pages from unauthorized spyware activities. The start page and search page setting also can be controlled using this application.

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