Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to Convert Text into mp3 Audio or Voice Message – Make Webpages Audible

Text into mp3 Audio

Converting text to voice can be very useful in so many ways, you don’t need to read out simply listen. vozMe is a service that can help you in creating mp3 from the text. It is a easy to use online tool. You just need to type in or paste the text.

How to Convert Text into mp3 Audio using Vozme

Enter the Text.
Choose the Male/Female voice as per your requirements.
Hit the create mp3 button.
As soon as you hit the “Create mp3” button, it starts working and a new window is opened, and soon you get the mp3 file being played in this window, a download of mp3 file is also possible.
Embed Widget in Blog / Site to Convert your Post into Audio

If you have a site or your blog and you want to place the mp3 files of your post or any other content you can visit here.
You can also add voice to your browser, you just need to visit this page, here you can get to vozMe links one for male voice whereas other for female voice, if using
IE you just need to right click and add to favorites.
Firefox, Drag and drop the link to bookmark.
Doing this whenever you want to listen to any text just select (highlight) that and choose vozMe from your favorite or bookmark.
The conversion is quite a fast process, is done in no-time. Have your say how do you like it??


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