Monday, September 7, 2009

5 Best Image Search Engines – Find Free Photos

Top Image Search Sites

1. Photoxpress : Their mission statement is finding you stock photos in high resolution for free. They have almost 400 thousand photos and they are all categorized. Sign up needed.


2. Twitcaps : Since Twitter was set up, many useful applications for it came to life. One of them is Twitcaps, which shows pictures that were uploaded by Twitter in real time. Of course you can search them by tags and users.


3. Feelimage : The authors of this website try to help you find photos by your “feel”. It distinguishes between 127 colors and times of a day. So you can easily find a red flower in the morning.


4. Xcavator : Xcavator helps you find stock photos from numerous providers with an interesting tool of color search. The service itself is free, but the photos it finds may not be. It has more than 6 million photos.


5. Picsearch : They promise you to find more than 3 billion photos. Basically it works just like Google search, but it gives you additional information about the picture.

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