Saturday, September 19, 2009

Convert Your Photos into Amazing Looking Paintings Online

Psykopaint is an online painting application that was developed in order to provide users with the possibility to paint by the use of a wide variety of colors. This solution resembles some features you will find on Photoshop but it is quite different.

Transform your Photos into Awsome Paintings with PsykoPaint

With Psykopaint you actually use your mind and imagination with a great deal of freedom so you can experiment with a variety of painting techniques.

Psykopaint was not conceived as a mere emulator of the traditional painting styles. This solution was developed with the intention to be used as an alternative way to create new tools that can be used by designers and regular people. On this site you will find a great number of good art pieces that were created with the use of this solution.

After you use this tool a couple of times you will be able to create pretty paintings from pictures. Psykopaint gives you many possibilities when it comes to letting you mind to fly in the creation of an endless assortment of art pieces

Example of a Painting Made By Converting a Photo with Psykopaint

GOTO Psykopaint

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