Friday, September 18, 2009

Create Animated Gif Images from Youtube Clippings

Using Animated gif instead of videos is not dead as thought, they are useful in certain situation and software such as avatar for forums and as icons for chatting software or emails where they come in handy.

GifSoup is a free video to GIF converter tool that lets you turn YouTube videos into a GIF animations. Also read how to change size of animated .gif images.

How to Convert Youtube Videos into Animated Gif format ?

Just follow the steps to Cut & Convert Youtube video into GIF image :

* Click here to open the page GIFSoup.
* Then there is option( Enter the YouTube URL from which you would like to capture your Gif )is given.
* Just add the URL what you have copy from Youtube site.
* Then click create.
* You can see the video and set the start time and end time.Between start time and end time you can only select 10 second playing time.
Then you are success to Cut & convert Youtube video into GIF image.

Example of an Animated Image Created from an Youtube Advertisement using GifSoup

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