Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Copy USB Drive contents to PC automatically without action Silently

Instead of running each time copying files Function from the device USB your hard disk, you can automate copying all the contents of the pen drive on the hard drive of your PC without any user action.
This is useful many a times when you want to steal data content from your friend who doesn’t want to share or allow you to copy.
AutoUSBCheck is a small software designed to facilitate the use of these devices for mass storage.
By default, the software does not start automatically at boot, but you can make this happen simply by setting the option.
Once you launch the software from the Windows Start menu, select the option Run on Windows startup.
Copy USB Drive PC silent

The free version allows you yo copy silently all the contents running in background while the paid version allows to change the directory where the content will be copied.
This freeware can run completely invisible. No icons, no progress bars, no prompts, it just does the job.
Download AutoUSBCheck

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