Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Extract Messages Phonebook Contacts And More From Nokia Backup File

All the Nokia mobile users use either one of the two mostly used applications – PC suite or OVI suite for accessing the contents of their mobiles from their computer. These two applications allows users to manage their folders and data in their phone easily. They not only allows them to download new contents for phones, convert music, download maps but also provide an option of backup functionality which is very useful.
With the feature of backup functionality, you can make a backup of all the contents and settings of your phone easily which can be restored later anytime required.

When you will run the application, its main window will appear like this. The tool is very easy to use. You just have to open the backup file of .nbu extension using the shortcut ‘Ctrl+O’ or ‘open’ option in the file menu. You can also drag the file directly and drop it on the application window for opening it.
Now, your backup will be opened with the folders name at the left side of main window and the contents of the folders on the right side. You can very easily manage and access the stored data.

The tool also provides the option of exporting a particular file, folder or all the data to your computer so that you can use it in worst case of failure of your backup files. These options are present in the file menu.
The application also keeps a log of the files which can be opened in the ‘file parsing log’ tab. Here, it will show you some of the detail of the phone as well. The entire log can be saved on the computer using the option of ‘save parsing log’ in the file menu.
In short, it is a nice tool which is a must have for Nokia phone users who want to read and access their backups on the computer.
Download NBU Explorer

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