Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Find and Fix Broken Shortcuts

Whenever we install some tool in our system, we can choose either to create a shortcut on the desktop or not, but in most of the cases a shortcut is created. A shortcut is a nice way to start a program without going actually to its location.
With period of time, it happens that we either delete the program or change its location, in that case the shortcut is not updated which leads to nothing on double clicking it. So if your system also has several broken shortcuts which lead to nothing then here is a tool called Broken Shortcut Fixer that can search for all the invalid shortcuts for you and attempt to repair them automatically.
What this tool does is, it scans for all the broken and invalid shortcuts in the system and automatically tries to repair it but in case it is not able to repair the shortcut then it lists all those shortcuts before you to take the necessary action. You can now either delete the shortcut or manually browse for the file.
The tool Broken Shortcut Fixer is supported on both 32 and 64 bit versions of the Windows OS and the tool can be downloaded from the location below.
Download Broken Shortcut Fixer

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