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The Best Firefox Add-ons for E-Learning: 100 Firefox Add-ons For Students

Firefox Add-ons can now help you in everyday e-learning, no matter if you are a student or a parent who’s helping his/her children. Today we wanted to share with you a list of Firefox extensions that can help you out with your daily learning and studying sessions.

So here there’s a list of tools, from subject-specific tools to tools to help with research and productivity to tools that give parents control over the safety of the family computer, there are sure to be plenty of great options for you.

Here’s the list:

  • Math

    Download these add-ons to have access to everything from calculators to math encyclopedias.

    1. Open Mathematical Encyclopedia

      Find theorems, basic problems, and axioms listed in this great resource for students learning math.

    2. Wolfram MathWorld

      Search one of the biggest math resources available on the web with this tool.

    3. avzCalculator

      Use this tool as a calculator extension in Firefox.

    4. Simple Calc

      Here’s another calculator extension available for Firefox.

    5. Fire Cal

      This calculator suite provides specialized functions such as compound interest, temperature, wind chill, body mass index, and more.

    6. Graphing Calculator Toolbar

      Enter up to five equations with this tool and see results graphed.

    7. FireMath

      For upper-level students in math, physics, or engineering, this tool will help generate math equations.

    8. Converter

      Convert measurements, time zones, or temperatures with this tool.

    9. Forex Currency Converter

      Learn the current conversion for any currency in over 180 different exchange rates.

  • Science

    Help your children enhance their science lessons with these add-ons.

    1. Eccellio Science

      Use this tool when doing science research to get results from quality websites.

    2. Life Science Dictionary Tool

      Find definitions to 100,000 life science terms with this tool.

    3. i-cite

      This tool instantly recognizes results from sites such as PubMed and Google Scholar and creates a mash-up of available information.

    4. sequere.eu Science

      To broaden your student’s search for scientific research, use this tool to search by specific areas across Europe.

    5. Medical Terms Dictionary

      Perfect for students interested in pursuing a future in the medical field, this dictionary provides definitions to tons of medical terms.

    6. Labmeeting

      Locate journal articles available on PDF with this tool.

    7. hbar

      Search for physics information located at the arXiv repository.

    8. Weather Watcher Live

      This tool offers a great way to learn about the weather as it’s happening.

  • English Language Arts and Reference Materials

    Find everything from dictionaries to vocabulary builders to free online texts with these tools.

    1. Bibliomania search

      Search Bibliomania to find information from classic texts, biographies, reference material, and more.

    2. WordStash.com

      Described as part flash card and part dictionary, this add-on makes learning vocabulary fun.

    3. Shmoop

      Use this add-on to search for literature and US history study guides and teaching resources with Shmoop.com.

    4. Project Gutenberg

      Search by book title to get access to a completely free online version of over 30,000 books.

    5. Research Word

      When students use this tool, they can research any word that occurs on a webpage with results coming via Wikipedia, dictionaries, and other sites.

    6. Dictionary Lookup Extension

      Highlight a word and find its definition immediately.

    7. Thesaurus

      Quickly find a synonym for any word with this add-on.

    8. United States English Dictionary

      This tool is a spellchecker based on American English.

    9. Merriam-Webster

      Use this add-on to have access to the Merriam-Webster dictionary right on your computer.

    10. Dictionary.com

      Have access to yet another popular dictionary with this tool that also includes a thesaurus, spellcheck, and translate function.

    11. WordIQ Toolbar

      Search for the meaning of a word among many dictionaries and other resources. There is even a family filter on this.

    12. Wikipedia

      Enhance your Wikipedia searches with this tool.

    13. SnappyWords Visual Dictionary

      Find definitions and synonyms with the visual display available with this dictionary.

    14. Lexiology.com Dictionary

      Get more than just definitions with this dictionary that includes audio, phonetics, and usage information.

    15. Encyclopedia

      Use this tool to search Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, and other online encyclopedias.

    Foreign Languages

    If your children are learning foreign languages, then look into these tools as an aid to their studies.

    1. Alpheios Basic Libraries

      This tool is designed to give students access to tools to facilitate language learning. Use this with any of the specific language tools.

    2. Alpheios Greek Tools

      Learning ancient Greek just got easier with this tool.

    3. Alpheios Latin Tools

      Alpheios also provides tools for learning Latin.

    4. Greek spellchecking dictionary

      For students studying Greek, this tool will help them discover any spelling errors they may have made.

    5. Translate English to German

      This tool will help students learning German check their work.

    6. Translate German to English

      Students can see if they are progressing in their German with this tool.

    7. Translate English to French

      Use Google Translate to help find French words from English.

    8. Translate French to English

      Students can use this tool as a companion to the English to French version.

    9. Translate English to Italian

      If Italian is the target language for your student, then give this tool a try to boost her language learning.

    10. Translate Italian to English

      Again, this works as a companion tool to the English to Italian tool.

    11. FoxLingo Translator

      This tool helps with anything from language learning to web page translation and supports 71 languages.

  • Productivity

    Keep kids and parents on track with these productivity tools.

    1. list.it

      Use this tool to take notes on your computer.

    2. Google Shortcuts

      Get all your Google shortcuts displayed easily anywhere you like on your computer.

    3. Procrastato

      If you like to spend a little time doing fun stuff on the Internet, use this tool to remind you to get back to your schoolwork.

    4. Smartsheet Quick Add

      If you use a Smartsheet to-do list, then this add-on will make it easier to keep it updated.

    5. MyStickies

      Put virtual sticky notes anywhere and even organize them by tabs.

    6. ColorfulTabs

      This add-on makes all the tabs a different color, thereby making them more distinguishable when you have several open at once.

    7. TooManyTabs

      Another tab management tool, this one adds extra rows of tabs instead of keeping them tiny and all on one row.

    8. Google Calendar Quick Add

      Effortlessly add an item onto your Google calendar with this tool.

    9. Google Calendar Notifier

      Have an entire day’s worth of tasks displayed for students to stay on track of each day’s assignments.

    10. TabAlarm

      This tool schedules tabs to open at specific times throughout the day. Assign lessons on websites that occur when you want them to.

    11. TimeTracker

      This tool tracks how much time is spent on each website so you can track productive time, play time, or see how long a task is taking.

  • Research

    These add-ons are sure to boost online research for any project.

    1. Trailfire

      Leave notes on websites, then organize any way you want and even share them with others.

    2. Wordpot

      Use this tool to discover search terms based on a keyword you choose. This is a good way to boost Internet research.

    3. Zotero

      Collect, manage, and cite all the research sources you find online with this add-on.

    4. note-o-rama

      Students making notes on web pages and journal articles will find this tool helpful with both marking and citing references.

    5. Diigo

      Add highlights and sticky notes to websites to help with your Internet research.

    6. Yooper

      Quickly and easily highlight and share information with this tool. It even has a memory tester.

    7. TextMarker!

      Use up to three different highlighting colors to keep track of important information on websites.

    8. Notefish

      You can save, organize, and share information from the Internet with this add-on.

    9. Great Summary

      Summarize any website to quickly determine if it holds the information you need.

    10. QuickWiki

      Look up information from Wiktionary and Wikipedia quickly when this tool is installed.

  • Parental Controls and Computer Security

    Make sure your computer is safe for the entire family with these great tools.

    1. Fox Filter

      This add-on is a filter for parents to put in place to keep out unwanted and inappropriate websites.

    2. KidZui

      This tool makes Firefox searches safe for kids ages 3-12.

    3. Yahooligans

      Another kid-safe search engine, this one is appropriate for children and teens.

    4. Glubble for Families

      Turn your browser into one with games and websites safe for your family.

    5. brOOzi

      Parents set which websites are safe for their children with this add-on.

    6. Menu Editor

      Eliminate menu items your children don’t need to streamline their computer usage.

    7. Clean Screen

      This tool allows parents to set parameters that will clean up what is seen on webpages to correct spelling errors, eliminate foul language, and more.

    8. SkipScreen

      If you would prefer your children not be bombarded with unnecessary ads while surfing the net, then download this add-on.

    9. LastPass

      This password manager allows you to create strong passwords and manage them all with one master password. It even autofills passwords for you.

    10. iTrustPage

      Prevent children from accidentally filling out suspicious forms with this tool.

    11. Viral Threat Level

      This tool adds an image to the toolbar that indicates the level of threat at any given time from malware, viruses, and more.

    12. Certificate Patrol

      Stay on top of certificate updates to ensure your children’s websurfing is done among legitimately authorized sites.

    13. BetterPrivacy

      Non-deletable longterm cookies can compromise your family’s privacy, but not with this tool in use.

    14. Adblock Plus

      Stop pop-up ads, banners, and ad tracking malware with this tool.

    15. Flag-N-Trust

      This add-on puts a flag on each website visited to indicate the country in which it is being hosted. When you click on the flag, you can learn about the trustworthiness of the site.

  • Search Engines and Web Browsing

    Find specialized search engines and help for web browsing when you use these add-ons.

    1. SweetSearch

      When using this search engine, only trustworthy sites will appear in search results. This is great for student research projects.

    2. search games, homework research and more

      This tool provides a safe place for children to surf the net with hand-picked safe sites.

    3. GoodSearch

      Use this add-on and 50% of the revenue from your Internet searching goes to a charity of your choice.

    4. SchoolTube

      This add-on will provide results from SchoolTube to your searches.

    5. FastestFox

      Speed up your web browsing experience with this tool.

    6. DeeperWeb

      Enhance Google searches with this tool that uses a tag-cloud technique.

    7. termBlaster

      Now you can perform searches within over 110 websites just by right-clicking your mouse.

    8. Similar Sites Search Provider

      Use this tool to help you find sites similar to the one you are currently searching for.

    9. 100 Search Engines for Firefox

      Don’t rely on just one search engine when you can use this tool that pulls from all the major sites plus plenty of others.

    10. deliGoo

      Search through all the sites you have bookmarked through Delicious to refine your searches by the sites you choose.

    11. Web Search optimized for TeacherTube

      TeacherTube offers tons of great educational videos, and this tool will help you search it more efficiently.

  • Miscellaneous

    Take a look at this collection of add-ons that provide everything from research in art to discounted textbooks to a homeschooling resources toolbar.

    1. Eccellio Arts

      From photography to fine arts, this search engine will help you find exactly what you need from the world of art.

    2. Web of Knowledge

      Find and share information in the sciences, social studies, arts, and humanities.

    3. Evidence Scribe

      Use this add-on to help find and manage evidence used for debating.

    4. Addictive Typing Lessons

      Students can learn touch-typing with this add-on.

    5. Numpad Typing Drills

      Once typing skills are beginning to set, try these drills to motivate faster and more accurate typing.

    6. Textbook Search

      Find textbooks at big savings with this tool.

    7. OpenBerg Lector

      Read etexts or ebooks within Firefox with this tool.

    8. Compare Books Prices

      If you are seeking new or used books, use this tool to find the lowest price from major sites such as eBay and Amazon.

    9. Homeschooling Resources Toolbar

      This toolbar is a great addition for homeschooling families and includes lots of great links and tools.

    10. Tutit

      Keep all the tutorials you may be using in one place with this add-on.

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