Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best PDF to Office Converter: Able2Extract for Accurate PDF Conversions

Many PDF converters claim to convert from PDF to Office but only one can truly make this claim. The new Able2Extract 7 lets users convert their PDF documents to the key Office 2010 formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.

Able2Extract 7 has a slick looking GUI that has been completely Best PDF to Office Converter: Accurate PDF Conversionsreworked in this new version. The simple clean design makes it easy to navigate, search and convert your PDF documents. Open a file, select your data, and click to convert– all can be done from the toolbar.

Best PDF to Office Converter: Accurate PDF Conversions

Able2Extract 7 will satisfy the advanced user as well by giving them extra control over difficult PDF conversions or conversion will different wrinkles than a straightforward conversion. A great example is the custom PDF to Excel option. Users can control the row and column structure of table data being converted. Conversions can be tweaked right from the Excel conversion toolbar.

Best PDF to Office Converter: Accurate PDF Conversions

Several PDF to Word conversion options available. The "standard" option lets users convert their PDF to Word and place text directly on the PDF page while retaining the PDF images in Word document. The "standard" is the recommended option because it preserves the originality of converted the PDF to Word in the identification points, text labels, graphics, tables, and column flow, etc. and then replicate it in Microsoft Word.

The "Frames" conversion option places text into frames within Word and preserves the background images. The "Text Only" conversion option lets users convert text directly into MS Word page without the background images.

Performance wise, Able2Extract 7 does a lot more in a lot less disk space than most top end converters. Conversions are fast and most of all, accurate.

Check it out. The software is compatible with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 and previous versions of Windows OS and Office as well. You can download Able2Extract 7 as a 7-day free trial to test out for yourself.

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