Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recover Files From Damaged CD DVD Disks

While copying data from a damaged CD, DVD or failing hard disk, usually the computer becomes less responsive and you hear repetitive seek noises from the drive for up to a minute. And then, you will encounter ‘Cannot copy Data error (cyclic redundancy check)’.

The copy process is then aborted with no option of retrying to read from the damaged area or skipping over it. This is very frustrating when copying large files because you must try copying again from the beginning.


For the solution of this problem, there is a freeware called File Recovery which will copy all the readable portions from the damaged CD or DVD with ease.

File Recovery is a simple and smart tool which is specially designed to tackle the Cyclic Redundancy Errors while copying files from CD or DVD. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP.

The application does not need any installation. When run, the main window will appear like this. You just have to add the ‘source file’ by browsing from where you want to copy the data which will appear in the space provided for them. It can copy bulk of files in one go. It does not support drag and drop option so, you have to browse all the files one by one which you want to copy.


After that, you just have to give the ‘destination folder’ where you want to store the files and click ‘Start’. The status of the process can be seen in the comment column present in front of each file. In this column, you can also see the size of the file which you are copying like shown below.

There is also a ‘log’ window at the bottom where you can see all the activities done in the application.


In the option ‘Tools’ there is an option of ‘Options’ for making settings while copying data. In it, you can set the block settings while reading source files. Also, you can set the option of reprocessing all files in the option of ‘File Processing’ and debugging settings and many more.


You can also use this tool utility for making back-up of important files. In short, it is a compact tool (of 80 kb only) which is of great use.

Download File Recovery

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